What are advanced deciduous trees?

Deciduous trees are different from evergreen trees because they lose their foliage during winter, often with spectacular displays of autumn colour. Deciduous trees are not all the same, they are as diverse in size, look and behaviour as there are people in a community.

There is no better way to beautify a street, park, garden or public space than with some carefully selected deciduous trees. They are also a wonderful option for private home and property owners who wish to create a beautiful garden with stunning visual impact.

What method does Urban Tree Growers use to grow trees?

Our trees are planted in-ground into Root Control Bags (RCBs). Trees grown in RCBs allow fine fibrous roots to protrude externally from the bag. This is the ideal way to grow deciduous trees because it means the tree can access nutrients from the soil outside the RCB while it is growing.

A key benefit of the RCB method is that once the trees are ready for harvest, the tree roots are focused outwards. This gives the tree the best opportunity for re-establishment in the shortest period of time.

We prefer to grow in-ground as some forms of container growing can produce root bound trees.

When are trees available?

Harvesting occurs during the winter months, March through to October, while the trees are in dormancy. When transplanted to their final location the trees are quick to re-establish and often achieve growth of up to one metre within the first year.

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