Advanced Trees Melbourne – Services

Advanced trees add colour and beauty to a huge range of both public and private spaces. At Urban Tree Growers we supply trees to a variety of customers and are happy to assist you with any enquiry.

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You will find trees of all shapes and sizes ideal for planting in streetscapes, carparks, public open spaces, parks, gardens and courtyards.

Take advantage of our expertise

What is the right advanced tree for your space? Do you need fast growing trees or steady medium sized trees? How much maintenance and pruning do different trees require? Are some trees more resistant to vandalism in public spaces? Which trees fare best in industrial areas?

Whatever question you have about advanced trees, we can answer it. As passionate horticultural experts, we love advising and assisting customers with their choices – to ensure you get the exact right trees for your needs.

We’re close to Melbourne but you don’t have to be

We are located an hour and fifteen minutes drive from Melbourne’s CBD. Based in the rolling hills of West Gippsland we have immediate proximity to the Mornington Peninsula and the greater Melbourne area.

If you are located elsewhere we can assist you. Our service covers most of south-eastern Australian, through Victoria, up to New South Wales, and across to South Australia.

You can view our selection online or give us a call and we’ll talk through what you need.

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