Summer Shade Trees

Trees that provide the best autumn foliage

Autumn is now here providing striking colours in the trees around us, but why?

Why do the leaves change colour?

Trees are amazing! They change themselves to suit their changing environment. In summer when the days are warm and long trees produce chlorophyll which provide food for the leaves displaying rich green foliage. When the weather changes and the temperature drops, the chlorophyll is no longer produced turning the leaves an array of yellows, reds and oranges, depending on the other chemicals in the leaf. Once all the chlorophyll is taken out the leaves will die, turn brown and drop from the tree. Trees then keep all their nutrients in their roots and wait for spring.

Can you see the trees in colour?

Autumn allows the trees to produce a delightful colour while working through this process and for that we say thank you. Autumn is when streets turn bright red and parks become a wash with colour. We can sit back and marvel at the natural colours provided by our environment.

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Here is our top 5 trees that produce the prefect autumn foliage …

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