Summer Shade Trees

How to instantly create a tree lined driveway.

Trees provide a welcoming feature and create a grand entrance upon entering a property. Planting advanced trees provides that instant impact to property. Here are a few tips and our favourite driveway trees. What to look for when selecting trees for your driveway entrance?


Select trees that have symmetry. Selecting trees that have been carefully pruned and staked in the juvenile years to produce straight trunks and a strong leader. This attention in the early years provides a naturally straighter tree and uniformity with its peers.


When considering the planting we look at the length of the driveway and the width of the mature tree. We are happy to work together to know exactly how many trees you will need to create that perfect entrance.

Here is our favourite trees for driveways
Claret Ash

Provides beautiful structure to the driveway. Strong trees that can be used in open windy properties. Suited to medium to large properties.

Autumn Blaze

Creates a striking driveway with magnificent colour in autumn. Can be spaced together to create a screen or wider apart to show off their individual shape.

Pin Oaks

Pin Oaks are a stately tree suited to large properties. Strong and hardy tree with a defined shape and provide autumn foliage.

Ornamental Pears

The perfect tree variety with amazing spring flowering and autumn foliage. Strong uniformity amongst their peers and a range of canopy shapes to choose from. Suited to all property sizes.

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