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Growing Premium Stock

How we grow our premium stock.

Here at Urban Tree Growers we are dedicated to growing premium advanced deciduous trees. We have been an established tree farm for over 20 years. Our farm is located in the ideal climate of West Gippsland, providing our trees with nutrient rich soil and consistent rain fall.

Locally acquired stock

We grow our trees from locally acquired bare rooted stock. The trees are then either planted in-ground or in containers. Our in-ground stock is planted into root control bags and will mature into premium stock over one – three years.


What are the advantages for in ground stock?

We have been using root control bags for 20 years and customers continue to tell us that once replanted the trees thrive with healthy root systems and sturdy trunk calipers. Our containerised stock is provided with the same dedication and care growing to maturity.


What are the advantages of potted containerised stock?

Convenience with trees being available all year round. Our containerised stock is provided with the same dedication and care growing to maturity.


Plus more

All trees are professionally pruned, staked and fertilised ensuring healthy well balanced trees, ready for transportation and replanting. We practice the Australian Standard AS2303 Tree stock for landscape use.


What sizes?

Our range includes 350mm and 450mm RCB, to 30 litre to 150 litre potted stock.


Customer Care

We have been supplying our quality trees to award winning real-estate developments, wholesale nurseries and local councils for over 15 years. We are proud to offer such a great product that continue to grow and thrive creating beautiful green spaces for people to enjoy and connect with.

Snow Pear - Pyrus Nivalis - Bag

More information

We can provide contract growing service for long term projects.

Our friendly team is always ready to provide professional advice on selecting and growing trees.