Trees for Farms

Providing shelter, shade and protection.

We knew planting trees was good but did you know it was this good?

There are increasing numbers of benefits to planting trees on farms. Not only providing environmental benefits from CO2 absorption and reducing climate change factors, trees also provide shade for animals, reducing the heat load of stock and provide protection from wind for animals. Research by Dairy Australia outlines:

“The shade and shelter provided by trees in paddocks and laneways can reduce the radiant heat load by 50% or more.”

“Deciduous trees will allow solar radiation to penetrate through canopies and allow laneways to dry out quicker in the winter.”

Planting trees is noted as the cheapest way to increase shade, and also enhance biodiversity and helps with soil stability.

The best option is to plant mature trees as they have established root systems and strong and healthy trunk development, limiting the damage that can be caused by livestock.

Being farmers ourselves and managing 300 acres we know the benefits planting mature trees has made to our own property. We understand the needs of farmers and are able to provide quality second grade stock perfect for farms at discounted prices. We have the knowledge to assist in selecting the right trees for your farm needs. If you have any questions we are always happy to help.

We know trees are life and farming is not a job it is a way of life.

So let’s get around the trees on farms!

Click here for the full article from Dairy Australia.

Farm Trees and Cows

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