Birch ‘Moss White’


Betula pendula Moss White

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The ‘Moss White’ Birch stands out among its kin as a distinguished cultivar of the beloved medium-sized trees in its species. During the autumn season, it unveils a breathtaking spectacle of golden yellow foliage, infusing warmth and charm into its surroundings.

Notably, this variety demonstrates exceptional tolerance for wet soils, making it an ideal choice for areas prone to moisture. Its adaptability extends beyond soil conditions, thriving in various environments, from wetlands to urban gardens.

Often planted in clusters of three or more, the ‘Moss White’ Birch creates a striking visual impact, enhancing the beauty of larger gardens with its graceful presence. Its slender branches and shimmering leaves make it an asset to any landscape design, adding depth and texture to the surroundings.

With a growth potential of 10-11 meters in height and 6 meters in width, this versatile tree flourishes where moisture is not a limiting factor. Whether standing alone as a focal point or nestled among other flora, the ‘Moss White’ Birch embodies elegance and resilience, making it a cherished addition to gardens of all sizes.

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