Supplying Advanced Trees to Local Councils

Creating People Friendly Public Spaces

People value being part of a community. The environments where we live become part of our community’s identity. This includes the time we spend at local shopping centres, parks and gardens, as well as schools and work places.

Fast, convenient and very cost effective, we’ve seen how our advanced trees contribute to the spirit of a community, time and time again.

Replace Old or Start Afresh

In areas where there are trees that are not as healthy as they could be, or which have been vandalized, we can provide like-for-like replacements. We can also offer advice on alternatives, depending on location and use.

For new public space developments talk to us early in the planning stage as this will help you integrate the perfect advanced tree choices into landscaping decisions.

Not every public space is focused on beauty. Some are more pragmatic, such as industrial or business zones. Trees are still an important element to include in these areas and we can advise you about the best types of tree to withstand pressures such as wind, pollution and low maintenance.

Vandal Resistant Trees Save Money

Between 3 to 5 metres in height and with a substantial caliper our advanced trees are not as easily stolen or broken when compared to non-advanced trees. This makes them ideal for public spaces where they can be planted without risk of damage or vulnerability.

Urban Tree Growers have supplied advanced trees to councils throughout metropolitan Melbourne, Gippsland and the Mornington Peninsula. Select from a large range of advanced trees, of all shapes and sizes, which are perfect for:

  • Streetscapes
  • Car parks
  • Parks and gardens
  • Community centres and Sports Ovals
  • Schools, Kindergartens and Childcare centres

Our range of trees for Local Councils & Schools

Check the individual tree product page for availability dates or call us:

Our team is available to answer any of your questions 9am – 5pm Mon-Fri EST.
Call: 0408 226 155


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