How to plant your tree

Once you purchase advanced deciduous trees it’s important that you get the planting process right.

It’s not difficult. We’ve devised a simple three-step process that you can follow. If you have any questions about planting in a particular position or maintaining your advanced trees, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

The video and diagram below explain the process in more detail.

Step One: Dig an appropriate hole.

The hole should be the same depth as the root ball , and approximately one and a half times wider than the rootball, with sides that slope in on a 45 degree angle. Keep the excavated soil to one side ready for backfilling.


Step Two: Carefully place the tree.

Place the tree in the centre of the hole and orientate its branches so that it suits the location. For example, if the tree is to be viewed from a particular position then place the tree so that you will see its best “face”. The top of the root ball should be flush with the surrounding ground level.


Step Three: Back fill the hole.

As you hold the tree in position back fill with the excavated soil. It is important to compact the soil using your feet as you go. A slow release fertilizer can also be applied during the backfilling process. Placing the fertilizer to the sides of the root ball encourages strong lateral root growth.

A 50-75mm layer of mulch which surrounds the tree is recommended but keep mulch clear from the tree trunk to prevent collar rot. The mulch helps to retain moisture during the summer months and suppress weeds. Ideally the mulch should extend the same width as the tree’s canopy

Further Tip

We also recommend staking the tree during its first two years of growth. Two or three six foot hardwood stakes (depending on the size of the tree and its degree of wind exposure) should be placed roughly a foot away from the tree trunk. The stakes should be angled slightly away from the trunk to provide added strength and a 50mm wide hessian strap should be used to fasten the tree in a Figure-8 pattern.