Advantages of growing mature trees in ground

Crepe Myrtle in ground

Here at Urban Tree Growers we have been growing mature trees in ground for 20 years. We pride ourselves on delivering healthy, strong, well established trees. Trees that are grown in ground have access to the natural soil nutrients. We use organic matter to enhance the growth of our trees. The trees are exposed to the natural elements, wind, rain, summer sun creating strength in the trunks and root systems.

We use root control bags,
Saves water with less irrigation required,
Take advantage of natural nutrients from the rich soil.

We carefully prune each tree to create a strong leader, making for more symmetrical canopies. We concentrate on ensuring root systems are pruned before planting in ground. Pruning trees from a young age will assist in a balanced root system and a visually pleasing tree. Trees are pruned to standards that are perfect for streetscapes and parks. With a focus on seasonal pruning our trees require less maintenance once replanted.

Our trees are planted in Root Control Bags allowing for the roots to grow in the natural soil. In ground stock require less irrigation with moisture being naturally available leading to water saving.

In ground stock is available over the winter months when the trees are dormant and can be moved without disturbing the root growth. Planting mature stock in winter will provide an instant impact to the garden space and allow for spring flowering to establish the tree in its new home.

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