How to plant an Advanced Tree

Once you purchase advanced deciduous trees it’s important that you get the planting process right.

Here is a guide to help plant your advanced tree.

Planting a Tree
Tree Planting Diagram
Site selection

Your selection of tree should have had consideration for soil conditions of the chosen site. For example, some trees will not tolerate poor drainage, whilst some may flourish in such conditions. Keep in mind how big your tree will grow. They often grow faster and bigger than we anticipate.

How to prepare your site

Site preparation is vital for your new tree to continue growing at the rate you expect of it. Preparing the site with the addition of a good compost (not fertiliser) would be invaluable in assisting with drainage and adding nutrients.

Dig your hole

The depth of the hole should be the same as the rootball. The width of the hole should be 2 or 3 times that of the rootball (if possible). This will give greater aeration in the soil surrounding the rootball, enabling rapid root development and a healthy re-establishment of your new tree.

Remove tree from bag or pot and prune back any damaged roots.

Plant your tree

Stomp it in. Make sure the soil is compact around the tree and ensure it is standing straight.

Don’t add fertiliser to hole prior to planting as this may lead to burning the new roots. Waiting for signs of new growth before fertilising would be more beneficial.


Mulching is highly recommended. A layer of about 2 – 4 inches of well composted mulch will have several benefits:

*Reduces water loss through evaporation.
*Reduces weeds around tree (less competition for water)
*A well composted mulch will release much needed nutrients to soil and tree.
*DO NOT apply mulch around the actual trunk as this may lead to ‘Collar Rot’.

Watering in

Ensure your new tree is well watered in. Don’t over water. Most advanced trees would require approximately 20-30 litres of water per week after planting, of course be guided by seasonal weather conditions.

More information

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