Park Trees - Harrington Park
Planting for Cooler Streets

Street planting for climate change.

So often now we are hearing the effects of climate change. What damage climate change is doing to our environment, how warmer temperatures are putting our lives at risks. Often it is too overwhelming and we don’t know what we can do to make a difference.

Trees are a solution

Trees are one solution, but how and where can trees make an immediate difference?

Street plantings will make an immediate impact to our communities. The impact people can see is that trees provide shade. Shade cools down concrete, roads, footpaths and cars. If there is a cooler street people are more inclined to walk and enjoy the outdoors and not hurry away to be in a cooler house etc. Another positive of treelined streets are increased aesthetics which increase house and property prices in the area.


What to look for when selecting a street tree?

Advanced deciduous trees provide summer shade and winter warming sun. Some key points are; what maintenance will be required after planting, trunk strength, height of the tree, now and at maturity, straight trunk, with the canopy starting above head height, tolerant to pruning and resistant to drought.


Premium Street Trees

Our stock has been delivered Australia wide to councils and award winning estate developers. Planting our advanced trees will provide that instant impact to the street with majority of trees being 2.5-3.5 meters tall. They are pruned to a height which decreases initial maintenance. We take pride in creating strong trees with healthy root systems.

More information

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