Our Favourite Spring Time Trees

When the days are getting longer and you can feel a little bit of warmth coming back in the sun. Trees around us start showing signs of life after a dormant winter, the blossoms burst open and buds start sprouting.

It really is a beautiful time of the year. Gardens, streets and parks start coming to life, trees can create that pop of colour that we have all be waiting for after winter.

Here are our favourite Spring Trees.

Pyrus nivalis ‘Snow Pear’

All ornamental pears provide a dense coverage of white blossoms. Our Favourite is the Snow Pear that comes our early then a soft slivery green leaf follows.

Malus ioensis Plena Standard ‘Crab Apple Standard’

Providing beautiful soft pink bud that spring into flowers. They also provide a lovely subtle scent.

Magnolia ‘denudata’ Yulan

You really can’t go past a Magnolia for a Spring time winner they are the first to go into flower in August. Large flowers in a multitude of colours to chose from.

Spring is also a great time to get out in the garden, plant new trees and do a little check for any pruning that needs to happen before the summer.

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