What you need to know about watering newly planted Advanced Trees

Once you have planted your advanced deciduous trees it’s important that you get the watering correct in to insure the tree survive and thrives.

Here are some important information when watering your newly planted advanced tree.

1. Target the rootball when watering

New trees access moisture from within the rootball. The water need to make it down to the rootball, insuring there is a slow and direct flow.

2. Water regularly

All trees will need to be watered regularly until the rootball has been well established, and the root can seek moister independently. This could be up to 6-24 months, changing watering frequency over the time.

3. Most Rainfall will not deliver adequate water

Don’t change your watering schedule unless rainfall is in excess of 50mm. Of course monitor the site conditions.

4. Low and slow is the key

Allowing for the rootball to soak up as much water as required. The best way to make sure adequate watering is a dripper system, a slow drip on a timer. If irrigation is not an option a large container with a small hole can provide a similar outcome.

5. Check the tree regularly

To assess the water levels, check soil conditions and weather condition, seasonal conditions and change accordingly.

6. How much water?

Most advanced trees would require approximately 20-30 litres of water per week after planting, of course be guided conditions.


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