Evergreen Alder


Alnus jorullensis

The Evergreen Alder is a fast-growing evergreen tree, perfect for adding a touch of lush greenery to any garden. This tree is great for providing shade or serving as a standout specimen. Its dark green leaves and long catkin flowers bloom during the summer months, adding beauty to any landscape.

Growing up to 8-15 meters tall, the Evergreen Alder is a versatile tree that can also be used for hedging or windbreaks. Its dense foliage makes it ideal for creating privacy or shelter.

For the best results, plant your Evergreen Alder in a sunny spot with moist, well-drained soil. Regular pruning is recommended to maintain its shape, especially if you’re using it as a hedge.

The Evergreen Alder thrives in various conditions, making it a fantastic choice for Australian gardens. Whether you need a windbreak, a privacy screen, or just a lovely shade tree, the Evergreen Alder is a versatile and beautiful addition to your garden.

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