A guide to choosing the right Ornamental Pear for your project. 

yrus calleryana 'Cleveland Select' Chanticleer Pear
Ornamental Pears Winter Glows in Garden

Ornamental Pears are a great choice of tree. They provide vibrant shades of orange and red, beautiful form shape and can be planted in most soil conditions. They are well suited for all spaces, large or small and create privacy and shade.

There are a few questions we like to ask to ensure we can help you select the right ornamental pear for your project.


Are you looking for a full and round canopy? Or would a columnar, oval or vase shaped tree work best for your area. For driveways and avenue plantings we recommended the Chanticleer or Capital which will provide a great full uniform canopy.


What are the dimensions of the area? Is the space in a garden or yard, along a driveway or narrow alongside buildings or up next to a fence line. The beauty of our range of ornamental pears is that if you are limited with space we can select a narrow canopy ie the Capital Pear or Javelin or if you want fuller body the Aristocrat.

Location soil and weather conditions

The great feature with the Ornamental Pears is they are hardy trees. They are able to withstand heat and drought conditions and also go well in water prone areas.

Creating privacy and shade

Ornamental Pears are known to keep their foliage longer than most other deciduous trees, creating great shade and privacy well into the winter months. The Winter Glow is an exceptional cultivar holding its leaves for the best part of 10-12 months.

Foliage and colour

All Ornamental Pears produce a delicate white spring flower, followed by deep green leaves, changing to golden autumn colours. The Snow Pear provides an understated silvery leaf – a perfect way to bring softness to a planting.

More information

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