Ornamental Pear ‘Javelin’


Pyrus calleryana × pyrifolia NCPXWO Javelin

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Bring vertical lines into your garden with Pyrus calleryana × pyrifolia 'NCPXWO Javelin'. This magnificent ornamental pear tree is the narrowest growing form currently available in Australia and is the perfect choice for those needing a tree which won't take up lateral space.

With glossy green new foliage, which transitions into vibrant burgundy and red shades in autumn, this tree is a beautiful addition to any garden.

In spring the tree produces white, corymb flowers, adding further visual interest.

Known to be an adaptable tree, the Javelin - Ornamental Pear thrives in a range of soils, and can tolerate even heavy soils which are intermittently wet.

Visually-stunning and easy-to-grow, this beautiful tree grows to a height of 10 metres and spread of 2.5 metres, making it suitable for use in any outdoor space.

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