Almond ‘Paper Shell’


Prunus dulcis

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The 'Paper Shell Almond' presents a compact alternative to traditional almond trees, typically 20% - 30% smaller in size. Despite its smaller stature, this variety boasts numerous appealing features that make it an excellent choice for residential planting.

With its compact size, soft shell, and delectable flavour, the 'Paper Shell Almond' offers a convenient and rewarding option for home gardeners. Its self-pollinating nature further enhances its suitability for residential landscapes, eliminating the need for additional pollinator trees.

For those seeking to maximise space or enhance visual interest, the 'Paper Shell Almond' can be trained using the 'fan' style espalier technique, allowing it to be grown against a wall or fence.

Whether planted in a garden bed or container, the 'Paper Shell Almond' promises to deliver not only delicious almonds but also aesthetic appeal and ease of care, making it a delightful addition to any home garden.

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