Ash – Cimmaron ‘Cimmzam’


Fraxinus pennsylvanica ‘Cimmzam’ – Cimmaron™’

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Versatile and Resilient

The Cimmaron Ash is a remarkable tree known for its versatility and resilience. Similar to the Urbanite Ash, this cultivar is a popular choice for parks, large gardens, and street plantings. Its moderate to fast growth rate ensures that it quickly establishes itself as a prominent feature in any landscape.

Perfect for Various Settings

Growing to a height of around 13 meters, the Cimmaron Ash is well-suited for a variety of settings. Its substantial size makes it an excellent shade tree, providing ample cover and a cool, relaxing spot in large gardens and parks. Additionally, its robust nature and adaptability make it ideal for urban environments, where it can enhance streetscapes with its beauty and functionality.

Stunning Autumn Display

One of the most striking features of this tree is its autumn foliage. As the seasons change, the tree's leaves transform into deep, vibrant reds, creating a stunning visual display. This brilliant autumn colour adds a dynamic element to any landscape, making the Cimmaron Ash a focal point during the fall months.

Moderate to Fast Growth

This tree is known for its moderate to fast growth rate, making it a practical choice for those looking to establish shade or enhance their garden quickly. The Cimmaron Ash's growth speed allows it to develop a full, dense canopy relatively quickly, providing immediate benefits to the surrounding environment.

Ideal for Shade

The Cimmaron Ash excels as a shade tree, thanks to its large, spreading canopy. Whether you’re looking to create a shaded retreat in your garden or provide relief from the sun in public spaces, this tree is an excellent choice. Its expansive foliage not only offers shade but also contributes to a cooler, more comfortable outdoor environment.

Low Maintenance

Once established, this tree requires minimal maintenance. Its hardy nature and adaptability to various soil types make it a low-effort addition to any landscape. Both novice and experienced gardeners will appreciate its easy care and robust performance.

With its vibrant autumn foliage, substantial size, and adaptability, the Cimmaron Ash is a standout choice for any large garden, park, or urban setting. Plant one to enjoy its beauty, shade, and resilience year-round.

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